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eBook cover


Variations of Love

eBook - 00/00/20??

Paperback/Hardcover - January 15, 2025

Full Cover
Variations of Love

Paperback/Hardcover cover


Variations of Love is a collection of poems I've already published. Some have heavy edits, minor or none. There are 6 new poems, but those were old poems I'd written when I was young. The plan is early 2025. If I have money before the year's end, 2024 could happen. It's completed. I just need to pay for a cover and some extra stuff.

Click the titles for the universal links.

100 poems about love.

1. Divine (As Real As It Gets)

2. Past (As Real As It Gets)

3. Angel (Fragments)

4. Caged (The L Word- Enmity)

5. Smile (Work of Art)

6. Forbidden Love (As Real As It Gets)

7. Cycle (As Real As It Gets- Loop)

8. Fireworks (Fragments)

9. Your Healing Medicine (Fragments- Chicken Noodle Soup)

10. Sobriety (As Real As It Gets)

11. Wildfire (The Harder It Gets)

12. Smut (For What It's Worth)

13. One Last Dance (As Real As It Gets)

14. Words into Actions (Fragments- A Billion Sacrifices)

15. Wish Upon a Star (Fragments- A Billion Sacrifices)

16. Accuse (The Harder It Gets- The Accuse)

17, Forever and Ever (Fragments)

18. In My Eyes (For What It's Worth- Distort)

19. Unlovable (For What It's Worth- Beyond Unlovable)

20. Your Dirty Little Secret (Fragments)

21. Music (Fragments)

22. Sense of Duty (The Harder It Gets)

23. The Game (The Harder It Gets)

24. Shame (The Harder It Gets)

25. Red Ribbon (The Harder It Gets)

26. Afraid (Fragments- Tumor)

27. Young Pups (Fragments)

28. Issues (Fragments- Rose)

29. The Fourth Dimension (Fragments)

30. Heaven's Bell (Fragments)

31. Broken Hearts on the Floor (Fragments)

32. I Don't Say It Enough (Fragments)

33. Obsession (The Harder It Gets)

34. Dance (The Harder It Gets)

35. Love Lessons (The Harder It Gets- Caretaker)

36. Stimulation (For What It's Worth- The Next Step)

37. Use Me for the Night (Fragments)

38. Lost in the Rain (The Harder It Gets)

39. Gift (Fragments)

40. Ammunition (Fragments)

41. Chance (Fragments)

42. Water of Bliss (As Real As It Gets)

43. Hourglass (The Harder It Gets)

44. Sweet Dark Melody (As Real As It Gets)

45. Pretty Letters (As Real As It Gets)

46. Apocalyptic Weather (As Real As It Gets)

47. Beauty and the Beast (As Real As It Gets)

48. Leap (Fragments)

49. Personal Servant (Fragments)

50. Beauty (Fragments)

51. Hierarchy (As Real As It Gets- Peasant)

52. Moonlight (The Harder It Gets)

53. Something on the Side (Fragments)

54. Meadow of Yarrow (For What It's Worth)

55. Colors (For What It's Worth)

56. Endless (For What It's Worth- Purpose)

57. Commit (For What It's Worth)

58. An Angel's Touch (For What It's Worth)

59. Symptoms: Blindness (For What It's Worth)

60. Brave & Afraid (NEW)

61. To Satisfy (For What It's Worth)

62. Talking to the Moon (For What It's Worth)

63. North Star (For What It's Worth)

64. Sacrifice (For What It's Worth- The Children Are Burning)

65. The Battle of Love (For What It's Worth- Striking Down the Angel)

66. A Swirl of Emotions (For What It's Worth- Lovely)

67. A Streaking Star (For What It's Worth)

68. Regret (For What It's Worth- Gratitude)

69. Indulge (NEW)

70. The Skeleton of You (Fragments- Zombie)

71. The (Sandy) Lagoon (Fragments)

72. My Fair Share (NEW)

73. The Hardest Part (NEW)

74. Doubt (For What It's Worth)

75. Word Gymnastics (For What It's Worth)

76. Ecstasy (For What It's Worth)- Feel Beautiful

77. Beyond Belief (For What It's Worth)

78. Whole (For What It's Worth)

79. Daisies (For What It's Worth)

80. Bubble Gum (As Real As It Gets)

81. Behind Every Good Man (Fragments)

82. Before You Wake Up (NEW)

83. Blue Pearl (NEW)

84. Needle in a Haystack (For What It's Worth)

85. Honeycomb (For What It's Worth)

86. Mushroom Clouds (For What It's Worth)

87. Willing (Fragments- The Lesson of Love)

88. A Billion Simulations (Fragments)

89. Remedy to Cure (Fragments)

90. The Dock (As Real As It Gets)

91. Bleeding Pigments (Fragments)

92. Nurture Back to Health (Fragments)

93. Revisiting the Well (As Real As It Gets- Words Were Said)

94. Porcelain Tub (The Harder It Gets)

95. Honey Dip (Fragments)

96. Rain of Fire (Fragments- Ashes Fall)

97. Space and Time (Fragments)

98. Cold War (As Real As It Gets- War)

99. Touch Me (Fragments)

100. The Tale of the No Heart Fiend (Fragments)

The Forest

Anthony G. Martinez

Poetry / May 15, 2025

The Forest (Your Happy Place)

Your Happy Place is a poetry book of 22 poems.

22 poems

1. The Forest (For What It's Worth- Kitty)

2. Chase (Find Her)

3. Within These Walls (Trees)

4. Butterflies (Chasing Butterflies)

5. A Glimpse (Just a Touch)

6. Mermaid Out of Water

7. Hide and Seek

8. An Old Flame (Tease)

9. A Better Place

10. Carving into Trees

11. A Sense of Serenity (97)

12. A Piece of Reality

13. The Angel in the Forest

14. Pedestals

15. Revolving Door

16. Beyond the Visible Light Spectrum (Glitch)

17. Acceptance (Caged)

18. Mannequins

19. The Abyss (If It Bleeds)

20. Rot

21. The Virus

22. The Matrix (Crumbling Matrix)

The Forest is a reworking of Your Happy Place. 22 poems about the mental state of a man who's dealing with loneliness. And how trying to escape from it by searching it out in a world he built.


Anthony G. Martinez


Poetry / September 15, 2025

62/100 Poems general

0. Art Exhibit

0. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

0. Star Maps

0. The Sky is Falling

0. Fulgurite

0. Sea of Corpses

0. Save Your Tears

0. My Angel

0. Not Knowing

0. A Reality Without Me

0. Paradise

0. Wings

0. New

0. aGODi

0. Petals Lead

0. Asphyxiation

0. Rest Easy, King

0. Sinner

0. Corrupt Data

0. Endure

0. Withering Lotus

0. The Fright

0. Power

0. Butterflies Bursting into Flames

0. Stairway to Heaven

0. Home

0. Promises

0. The Fabulous Life of a Killer

0. Chasing Cars

0. Make Believe

0. The Broken Boy Show

0. Lightning in a Bottle

0. Moth

0. Committed

0. Leaving

0. Domino Effect

0. Friends

0. Parents

0. Liar

0. Culpability

0. Locked Out of Heaven

0. Blood

0. Ever After

0. Switching the Blame

0. The Devils Path

0. Console

0. Well Equipped

0. Goodbye

0. Before the Moon Hides

0. Winged Ashes

0. The Monster in Me
0. Dancing with Fire
0. Before I Die
0. Puppets
0. Stuck in a Loop
0. Minefield
0. Was It Me?
0. Ledge

0. Dad
0. Before the Next Plane
0. Death
0. The Lighthouse

The L Word

Anthony G. Martinez

The L Word is a collection of poems I've already published. Some have heavy edits, minor or none. There will be 7 new poems, but those were old poems I'd written when I was young. The plan is early 2025. If I have money before the year's end, 2024 could happen.

Click the titles for the universal links.

Poetry / January 15, 2026

The L Word

100 poems about love.

1. Love (The L Word- The L Word)

2. Beyond the Standard (Work of Art- Mona Lisa)

3. My Rock (The Harder It Gets)

4. Blissfully Blind (The Harder It Gets)

5. Red Rose (The Harder It Gets- Petals)

6. Drifting into Space (As Real As It Gets- Spaceman)

7. Monster (Fragments)

8. Foreign World (The Harder It Gets- Abandon)

9. Wonderland (Work of Art)

10. Admiration (For What It's Worth)

11. Weeping Heart (The L Word)

12. Long Lines (For What It's Worth)

13. Like Clockwork (NEW)

14. In Future Past (NEW)

15. Devotion (For What It's Worth)

16. Reasons (The Harder It Gets)

17. It's a Mood (NEW)

18. True Love (NEW)

19. Cemetery of Angels (Fragments)

20. I Want (The L Word)

21. Beyond the Black Lines (Work of Art- Work of Art)

22. Imprints (The Harder It Gets)

23. Lost in Space (Fragments)

24. Scorned (As Real As It Gets)

25. Pretend (For What It's Worth)

26. She's Perfect (Work of Art)

27. Cupid (Fragments)

28. Project (Fragments)

29. Fable Story (The Harder It Gets)

30. Fly on the Wall (Phantoms- Dive)

31. Memories Play (As Real As It Gets)

32. The Ugly Truth (The L Word)

33. Appreciate (Work of Art)

34. Pathetic (For What It's Worth)

35. Break (NEW)

36. Rent Free (For What It's Worth)

37. Paintbrush (For What It's Worth- Orange Paint Brush)

38. Blunt Bullet (Fragments)

39. Scene: Holding Hands (For What It's Worth)

40. Infatuate (Work of Art)

41. Falling Star (The Harder It Gets)

42. The Pit (The L Word)

43. Speak with Your Eyes (Fragments)

44. I Know Better (For What It's Worth)

45. Idol (Work of Art)

46. Prince Charming (Fragments)

47. Misplaced (For What It's Worth-The Man I Am)

48. Sex (For What It's Worth)

49. A Crack on the Exterior (For What It's Worth)

50. Kissing Angels (As Real As It Gets)

51. Let Go (The Harder It Gets)

52. A Piece of Evidence (Work of Art)

53. Heartaches (For What It's Worth)

54. When Words Have More Weight Than Vibrations Through Space (For What It's Worth)

55. Fungus (For What It's Worth)

56. Heaven's Little Secret (For What It's Worth- Mythical Girl)

57. When I Become Rich (For What It's Worth)

58. Never Mind (For What It's Worth)

59. Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder (Work of Art)

60. Skipping Steps (Work of Art- My Innocence for You)

61. You'll Never Know What You Got Until It's Gone (As Real As It Gets- Weak)

62. Delusional (For What It's Worth)

63. The Definition of Love (For What it's Worth)

64. Lessons I Create (For What It's Worth)

65. Archives (For What It's Worth- Mythical Girl)

66. Wishing the Night Away (Work of Art- Star)

67. Wither (Fragments)

68. To Be Loved (For What It's Worth)

69. Hollowed Out Apples (Fragments)

70. Pretty Amazing (Work of Art)

71. The Apple (As Real As It Gets)

72. Waiting for Your Call (The Harder It Gets- Microphone)

73. Ballads (Work of Art)

74. Broken Fairy Tales (Fragments)

75. Diamond (For What It's Worth)

76. Dancing on a Thin Line (For What It's Worth)

77. Dead Inside (NEW)

78. Rekindle (NEW)

79. Black & White (Fragments)

80. What She Does to Me (Work of Art)

81. Nursery Room (As Real As It Gets)

82. Replicate (For What It's Worth)

83. Spare (NEW)

84. Ember Rose (For What It's Worth)

85. Ghost (For What It's Worth)

86. Device (For What It's Worth)

87. Drown (For What It's Worth)

88. Ocean Shore Messages (Work of Art- Constellations)

89. When I Look at Her (Work of Art)

90. The Observer (Work of Art)

91. The Bed I Made (As Real As It Gets- Planet of Sea)

92. Labeled (Fragments)

93. Anomaly (The L Word)

94. Take a Hint (For What It's Worth)

95. Substitute for the Day (Fragments)

96. Simpleton (The Harder It Gets)

97. The Creator or the Creation (For What it's Worth)

98. Deja Vu (For What It's Worth)

99. Poems About... (For What It's Worth)

100. Dear Heart, (The L Word)


Anthony G. Martinez

Collection of Short Stories / May 15, 2026


Red- FINISHED/Professionally edited Blue- Link to book Green- Ready for edits

The Things We Don't Talk About

Anthony G. Martinez

Poetry / September 15, 2026

The Things We Don't Talk About

60/100 Poems General

1. Journey (The Things We Don't Talk About)

2. Essential (The L Word)

3. Words (The Things We Don't Talk About)

4. The Bottom of a Bottle (Dark Moments)

5. If You Ever Wondered (For What It's Worth)

6. Mascara (Dark Moments)

7. Papier Mache (The Things We Don't Talk About)

8. Castle (For What It's Worth)

9. Gloom (The Things We Don't Talk About)

10. Ease of Mind (For What It's Worth)

11. Hollow (As Real As It Gets)

12. Before I Go (The Things We Don't Talk About)

13. Screams from Outer Space (The Things We Don't Talk About)

14. A Happy Li[f]e (Scraps)

15. Father (Scraps)

16. Drowning (The Things We Don't Talk About)



19. The Truth of the Matter (For What It's Worth)


0. Paper Boats

0. Tunnel

0. Parallel

24. Sentenced to Life (For What It's Worth)

25. Director's Cut (Scraps)

0. Regret


0. Dark Corners

0. Fester

30. Sorry (For What It's Worth)

31. As Seconds Tick By (Scraps)

0. Snake

33. Trap (Scraps)


35. Leave Me Be (For What It's Worth)

36. Little Soul (Dark Moments)

37. Brilliant (The Things We Don't Talk About)

38. Thinning (Dark Moments)

39. Neglect (For What It's Worth)

40. Sunbathing (The Things We Don't Talk About)

41. Six Feet (Scraps)

42. Happy State (Scraps)



45. State (For What It's Worth)

0. Suppressing the Pain

0. Two Sides

48. Space Traveler (The Things We Don't Talk About)

49. Crosshairs (The Things We Don't Talk About)

50. Without You, I'm Nothing (For What It's Worth- Holding the Light)

51. Hugging Teddy Bears (Dark Moments)

52. Degenerate (The L Word- Love Won't Find a Way)

0. Press Play

0. Walls

55. Eclipse (The Things We Don't Talk About)

0. Broken Butterfly

0. Harbor

58. Broken (The Things We Don't Talk About)

59. Guilt (The Harder It Gets)

60. Loneliness (For What it's Worth)


0. Six Feet

0. Taken


65. Sing to Me (The L Word)

0. Dissociation

0. Depression


0. That Great Night

70. Empty Picture Frames (Work of Art- Retracing Paintings on the Wall)

71. Suffering (Scraps)


73. Dried Rivers (Scraps)

0. Stargazing

75. Little Eyes (For What It's Worth)Words

0. Stay

77. Love Language (For What It's Worth- I Love to Hate You)

0. A Prayer

0. Fallen

80. Corpses (The Things We Don't Talk About)


82. Whispering to Ghosts (For What It's Worth)

0. In Vain


85. A Happier Place (Dark Moments)

86. Somebody (Scraps)


88. These Eyes (The Things We Don't Talk About)

89. Sins of Another (Dark Moments)

90. Broken Compass (Work of Art- Cloudy Skies)

91. I'm Not Good Enough (For What It's Worth)

92. What Defines Me (The Things We Don't Talk About)

93. Counting Sheep (Dark Moments)

94. Mundane (The Things We Don't Talk About)

95. Little Ones (For What It's Worth)

96. Old Fashion (For What It's Worth)

97. Punching Bag (Dark Moments)

98. Better (For What It's Worth)

99. Scab (For What It's Worth)

100. Anthony G. Martinez (For What It's Worth)


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